Google Cloud partnering principles

Google Cloud’s mission is to accelerate every organization’s ability to digitally transform its business and industry. Part of delivering that to customers is having a vibrant and robust ecosystem of partners that complement and extend our offerings. We work hand-in-hand with our partners to help businesses build a new way forward with purpose-built, AI-infused solutions for data, infrastructure, productivity, and security. 

Google Cloud has a high standard for doing the right thing by our customers, partners, and colleagues. These partnering principles are our North Star for how we do business. We are committed to standing by and holding ourselves and our partners to these principles.

Open platform

At Google Cloud, we deliver an open platform across a comprehensive set of cloud solutions, often based on open source and open standards. We intentionally build our solutions in a way that avoids vendor lock-in and allows freedom across platforms and developer languages. We create an environment where partners can effortlessly integrate their capabilities on Google Cloud, amplifying the value we collectively deliver. We embrace our customers' desire for multi-cloud solutions, which is reflected in our product and partner strategies.  

Customer choice

At Google Cloud we meet each customer where they are in their digital transformation journey by ensuring they have the freedom and choice to select the right solution for the right use case. We recognize that means customers will choose a mix of both first-party and partner offerings. We believe that our customers are in the best position to identify the optimal solution for their organization based on their needs and preferences, and we'll arrange to provide them with the information they need, for both our products and our partners’ products, so they are able to make the best decision.


Google Cloud is an AI-first company that operates on the cutting edge of new technology. We prioritize partners who build unique and differentiated offerings with us, and who are committed to helping us innovate at a rate that our customers expect. By combining our respective expertise, resources, and perspectives—we aim to create an ecosystem where innovation flourishes through joint product development, and integrations that make the customer experience seamless with partner solutions. We establish clear metrics to track the impact of our innovation initiatives and hold both parties accountable for achieving agreed-upon goals.


At Google Cloud, we recognize that earning and maintaining trust is vital for successful collaborations. We are committed to security and privacy, which is wired into how we build our products and programs. We will never use a partner’s private information to compete with them, and will seek consent before sharing any information with other partners or customers. We also strive for transparency around our programs, continuous improvement, and empathy in our partnerships, enabling us to build relationships that can withstand challenges and changes over time. We value feedback and will consistently seek input from our partners on how we can continue to improve the way we do business.